lessons I learned in the waiting room

Around this time last year, I found myself sitting in the waiting room of an Ob/Gyn just a few days before Mother's Day. I was simply there for a routine check-up, which I'd put off for years. I wasn't in a "season of waiting" at the time, but I was surprised at how quickly the memories came back to me. Those old familiar feelings of wondering and waiting--of years with no answers; of not knowing how to plan for the future. I remembered how it hurt to wait and to receive disappointment in place of promising expectation. I pulled my phone out that day and wrote this note to myself:

"Being in this waiting room reminds me of my journey to my children: full of twists and turns; broken pieces that God made beautiful. There is a soft spot that is buried down really deep. I didn't know that it was still there...I think God wants me to remember and to reach out. Motherhood is not a given, it is a gift. Maybe one day I'll be an old lady and still have that soft spot. I hope so, so that I can  reach out to others and encourage them. I don't ever want to forget."

Now, I am no expert at the waiting game--honestly, I am still not very good at it. But I do have some experience with waiting (you can read more about that part of my story here and here), and there are some things I have learned that I feel are worth sharing:


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Storyteller: Solly's Nursery

In the weeks leading up to our placement with our sweet Solly, I heard a song that I just couldn't get out of my head. It became my anthem in the waiting and wondering. I sang it all day long...

The mountain where I climbed
The valley where I fell
You were there all along
That’s the story I’ll tell
You brought the pieces together
Made me this storyteller
Now I know it is well, it is well
That’s the story I’ll tell

-Morgan Harper Nichols

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