when you didn't get what you wanted

I woke up this morning with one thought heavy on my mind: what if you didn’t get what you wanted?  

Of course there are things we wish we’d gotten that we didn’t...a new car with a big red bow like in the commercials, or meeting the man of our dreams while cutting down our Christmas tree like in the Hallmark movies.


But what if we didn't get the things that really matter to us?


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at the end of myself

My husband gave me a new journal for Christmas. The journal is filled with inspirational quotes in the margins of each page. This quote served as the “Introduction”:

“Life throws us curveballs. Dreams get shaken by reality. We are sometimes put into situations we don’t have the strength or wisdom to handle. But the good news is we don’t have to! God loves it when we come to Him because we are at the end of ourselves. That’s when we start relying on Him. He is God of the impossible.”

Heading into this new year, I couldn’t be more “at the end” of myself.

I read this quote on a blog a few months ago, and it resonated with me:

“God does not often reveal His plans for us, because we would run away in fear of the trials that lie before us, not valuing the refining process that makes us a just a little more like Him.”

I have to say, if I’d known what my journey to motherhood had in store, I would have surely run away.

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