Why 'Making of a Mama'?


Why 'Making of a Mama'?


One year ago, I read a book that asked a simple but loaded question: “if you died today, what would you regret not being able to do?”*

My answer was easy. 

I quickly wrote three of them down in my journal:

 I would regret not being able to be there with  my husband; to grow old and dream  together.

I would regret not being able to be there for my kids; to protect them, teach them and  watch them grow up.

I would regret not sharing my voice. My story. Living too small. Not pursuing my dreams. Playing it safe.

The truth is that my fears make me want to live small. To stay quiet and hidden. But I know that’s not what I was made for—not what any of us were made for—and that the stories we’ve lived are meant to be shared. I love this quote from Morgan Harper Nichols: 

So, ‘Making of a Mama’ was born out of a nudging from God to share my story as a mama and a 'maker', as motherhood and creating are two of my greatest passions. I pray that it’s a place you’ll find comfort, encouragement, peace and inspiration—and that it encourages you to share your story, too. 

* The book that asked the question was Start by Jon Acuff. It was recommended by my cousin-in-law, Macy. I highly recommend it if you feel fear holding you back from pursuing your dreams.